Beaked whales strandings in El Salvador


  • Wojtek Bachara none P.O. BOX 555, 05-120 Legionowo
  • Ricardo Ibarra Portillo Fundacion Zoologica de El Salvador (FUNZEL), Colonia San Benito, Ave. Las Palmas 192; San Salvador
  • Elba Martinez de Navas Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Calle y Colonia Las Mercedes km 5 1/2 carretera a Santa Tecla, San Salvador
  • Luis Pineda Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Calle y Colonia Las Mercedes km 5 1/2 carretera a Santa Tecla, San Salvador



Mesoplodon, Ziphius


This short communication summarizes all the stranding records of beaked whales in El Salvador that could be located or were available, all in the Pacific Ocean and presents first records of Peruvian, Cuvier's and Blainville's beaked whales in El Salvador.


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