Occurrence of <i>Pulmonicola cochleotrema</i> (syn. <i>Cochleotrema cochleotrema</i>) (Digenea: Opisthotrematidae) in Antillean manatees (<i>Trichechus manatus manatus</i>) in Brazil


  • V. L. Carvalho
  • A. C. O. Meirelles
  • M. R. A. Motta
  • D. C. B. S. C. Maia
  • M. V. M. Campello
  • C. M. L. Bevilaqua




The present work reports the first record of the trematode parasite Pulmonicola cochleotrema in Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) in Brazil. Out of 15 necropsied manatees in the State of Ceará, the parasite was found in the nares, trachea and bronchi of four animals (two juvenile males, one juvenile female and one adult female), for a prevalence of 26.7%. The parasites were identified based on morphological features observed in the 38 collected specimens. No pathological manifestations were observed associated with the presence of the parasites in the present study. The prevalence observed in the State of Ceará and the lack of reports of this parasite species in other states of northeastern Brazil may suggest the existence of an isolated population, a higher occurrence of the intermediate host, or differences in the feeding habits of the manatees.