SOLAMAC volunteers help put LAJAM online!

The past several months have been busy in preparation for the move to the Open Journal Systems. The following volunteers helped in extracting the metadata (bibliographic information) from all printed articles (Vols. 1-7): Pablo Bordino, Pablo Denuncio, Guilherme Frainer, Gisela Giardino, Catalina Gómez-Salazar, Rodrigo Hucke-Gatete, Paula Laporta, Agustina Mandiola, Mirian Marmontel, Ximena Merélle D'Hérvé, Enrique Montero, Ignacio Moreno, Diego Rodríguez and Luis Santillán. In addition, Federico Riet Sapriza undertook the painstaking work of reviewing the metadata and generating the XML files required as the final step to upload this information to the site.