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★ Test the equipment before creating it.
If you have chosen the "Conceptual Templates" option, you can design teams using any player. You can choose the formation and then put any footballer in the corresponding position. This allows you to evaluate the FIFA 18 Hack type of chemistry and the possible combinations that will come out before spending your money (real or virtual) on a certain signing. The machine even makes you proposals, like which teams can leave leagues like Spanish or English. The FUT phenomenon is so great that they have even created websites that improve this function, such as FUTHead.

★ Template management
There are three conditions that affect your players: contracts, fatigue and injuries. When a contract ends, the player will continue to be yours, but will not be able to play unless you resort to a specific type of card that increases the number of matches. Generally, cards of one type tend to work better with players in the same category. There are also letters against fatigue, but another alternative is to make rotations as in real life. Digimonlinks Free Digistones And, regarding the injuries, do not forget that there are also letters capable of performing miraculous recoveries. If you have the imperative need for the best ones to be available at a certain time, look for Dragon Mania Legends Free Gold Hack these types of cards in the market.

★ Assigned players
There are times when you can take a loan, which plays like any other but will do so for a specific time. If the loan is 8, it means that eight parties will be available to you, and when goodbye is exhausted. Unlike the rest, with the letters of loans, there is no consideration.

How to get more coins in FUT 18


★ Take advantage of the Points Catalog
The simplest trick to earn coins is to buy advantages in the main catalog menu (which appears when you press R3). It is an open and varied store, in which you can even spend points that you have won in previous versions of FIFA to which you played with the same account. There are celebrations, special kits, tricks, balls and even special coin packs for Ultimate Team mode.

★ Team of the week
Each week, EA proposes a challenge to the player that consists in winning the team formed by the players that have left the European leagues in the previous match. This duel is always against AI and the harder you put it, the more booty you will take if you get it, but do not flip it because it can be very difficult.

★ Buy and sell with head
The FUT market is regulated according to what happens in the transferable market, so it is important to understand it and learn to take advantage of it. Investigate the prices of the players and avoid FIFA 18 Free Points the temptation to buy one of those marked if it is expensive at that time just because you have it at your fingertips. A council, analyzes the market and looks for more affordable alternatives. And do the same but the other way around when you are going to put a letter on sale, look to see who is looking for something like that. If everyone is selling to Messi for 100,000, do not make the mistake of offering it to 50,000.

★ Take advantage of the challenges and temporary tournaments
In addition to the individual and online leagues and championships EA Sports also usually creates several special tournaments of specific duration. There are usually some conditions of participation somewhat gimmicky, like that the 11 are from the same country, but they are a good way to fatten the portfolio FIFA 18 Coins hack tool with a little extra money.

★ Play The Way: The Return of Hunter

We are talking about the history mode of FIFA 18 in which you live as if you were the emerging star Alex Hunter, which in itself is interesting because of his script and how elaborate he is. But it's also worth completing it if afterwards you're going to play FUT because for each of the six chapters that you finish you get a reward. From envelopes to assignments, and FIFA 17 Hack you can get a good one like Rio Ferdinand, even Hunter himself.