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but it isn't all that uncommon to come across

by lookipl lookipl lookipl (2018-08-24)

The life of a co-packer is sometimes stressful. As a company, we want to always be in a position to respond to an surprising opportunity. We have managed and keep ourselves in the product stream in the past by being able to respond to the challenges that come our way and, practically in situations, manage to help it become seem like it is straightforward. The activity in the actual background is anything nonetheless easy, and we always find solutions to elevate heartbeats, if only for a time. One such stepper motor opportunity a short while ago fell into our laps, and we've found set out on a different journey of exploration in addition to understanding.

If there is one thing I have learned more than my 30-some years during this business, it is in which companies might come in addition to go, but the equipment last forever.

I'm not referring to something from the time on the Romans, but it isn't all that uncommon to come across a machine that has been built in the '60s or '70s it is still where to get brushless dc motor controller producing product nowadays. It speaks volumes on the creativity of the original designers the equipment is still throughout service today.

The legacy of the stellar machines is they are mechanically outliving their power components. Technology, as most people well know, is moving forward at ever-increasing rates. What was advanced 40-50 years ago is now little greater than a boat anchor. The unit still works, but the control platform that runs there are become obsolete. At what point can we stir the hornets' nest and make an effort to update the controls?

Within a nod of respect to help my former career to be a manufacturer of original products, I would say the fact that first avenue of investigation should be the OEM of your machine. After all, who knows the machine superior to the folks that produced it initially? Well, as we recently determined, sometimes a connection compared to that OEM is no more active, or, if it can be, it is only as a legacy support provided by the corporation that bought out the OEM at some nema stepper motor point in the past. The best you could easily get in a situation like this can be a set of prints from when the machine was first developed or, if you will be lucky, a more recent set in the last known owner, when the previous owner is still in corporate.

Our journey started just over a year ago, when we found out there about a plant around us that produced a really similar product format nonetheless in larger dimensions. The following plant was closing, along with the equipment nema stepper motor was to always be sold at auction.

Frontward thinking, as we are generally, we thought it will be worth our while to dig through the inventory and see which items is likely to be of future use to be able to us. There was a great deal of machinery that was on the same type and vintage as being the ones we had in our inventory, but two that will stood out were horizontally cartoners that, at enough time of the plant shutting, were operational and providing some larger Website format bag-in-box cartons.

We jumped on the bid process and, in order to our delight, managed to get both machines for a fraction of the expense of a new one. It had been practically a steal, and we were excited to get all these machines relocated to our facility and give them a good looking around.
The close-up inspection afforded us a fairly big obstacle to overcome. One machine had an ongoing control platform, ControlLogix, along with the second had an elder platform, PLC-5.
Oddly, both were produced just personal training cnc router kit years apart, so, while we were holding of similar vintage mechanically, your control systems were drastically different. As it might happen, the older machine with the PLC-5 are the one that would first suit an upcoming opportunity to diversify proper different product line as compared to we had previously produced. Recognizing that the PLC-5 was a mature platform, we did some risk analysis to view if we may wish to launch a new production line with this type of platform in place. The result quickly became a very little.