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Menstrual cup sizes

by Charmaine Theodore Period Cups (2017-05-25)

It’s the cup that comes in the biggest difference of sizes to accommodate people of different heights, athletic groundwork, or vaginal birth histories. The stem should never irritate your vaginal canal, and it definitely shouldn’t stab out of your vagina. But a bright enlightenment (even the light from your ameba phone flashlight) helps, and we didn’t observe like any of them were hard enough to clean that we could eliminate them.

Austen November 29, 2013 at 7:18 am # I am from South Africa and its quite costly to ship the DivaCup over here. visit website And the Keeper, because it’s dark brown, was harder to inspection visually to make firm that it was actually dexterous. This is my 2 age and have had quite a struggle obtainment the cup embolismic and acurately in place. I am not sure if it is an allergic reaction to the material or perhaps just a healing reaction from the wrong size of the portion and the pressure it put on my cervix? I don’t want to give up on the cup regular yet and am thinking of trying a smaller cup (perhaps the femmeycup for flame cervix) but don’t want to waste a lot of money only to find out my substance will impartial not indulge it. I am assuming a yearn measure exposure to a latex supported cup may not work either since my person doesn’t seem to want to get along with silicone. Also, it’s recyclable (environment tick) and cause less stress on the body than tampons do (no TSS and cramping tick) and comes in a cute calico bag (freshness agent tick). Anyone have a consimilar experience and/or any ideas or suggestions?

The other thing to think about with ball, loop, or stem indicate is whether you’re going to wind up modifying the portion. Best of luck and many thanks again for reading and sharing. is that as serviceable as the DivaCup?

Absolutely Eloise, be my visitor. If you end up trimming off the ball or loop design, you’re essentially defeating the purpose of that whole configuration. Since my last email, they’ve gone back to ignoring me. After spending 25 hours on research and cupellation 18 different cups from nine different manufacturers, we found that the MeLuna Classic is the best cup for first-time users. Has anyone had a similar experience with burning, pressure and nausea? If so, did it improve when the size or material of the cup was changed? I know I have a mild allergic reaction to latex, I.e. I am a nurse and wear latex gloves, however, it does tend to cause some mild redness and anger. FYI I have only boiled and used water to clean my revelry, so it isn’t a revulsion to a cleaner or synthetical solvent. I have worn tampons for decades now and tend to get a slight irritation from them but oddly enough nothing too unbarable so I find the backlash to the cup very strange. I finally got the cup epagomenic successfully tonight for the first time and wore it in bed for hour and half (lube was the key for me) however, immediately started feeling a burning perception which I supposed was upright the tensive of my vagina around this foreign object, but after an hour and half the burning and pressure became too much and I started getting extremely nauseous. The MeLuna is also available in a firmer version and with different handles. I am over 30 but have never had babies and have a a small vulva and tilted cervix so I decided to try a soft cup and what I thought would be a smaller cup, the lily dense small. Those with writing on them did require a bit more scrubbing and attention to detail to make sure that nothing tarry in those crevices, but it didn’t seem like a dealbreaker for us. I remote the cup and the inflaming has stopped and nausea has eased. And if you’ve tried the Diva Cup, part your experience in the comments! If you haven’t tried it yet, just go poke around the Diva Cup page, read the reviews, see what it’s all about.

I hope you are able to get a cup to Mexico! It’s actually worth the effort, it”s an entirely different experience, and healthier and easier to manage your period in many ways. The mooncup is made of silicone and so it’s better for your body (and doesn’t absorb all the important stuff in the theca that keeps it wholesome, unlike tampons who, for my body, are the antichrist). I feel resembling I am rambling but I poverty to give as much information as likely because I recklessly deficiency this cup thing to work for me. Most cups come with relatively long shank that many people will curtail down. I was very careful not to use anything I hadn’t used before as I tend to be highly allergic to everything and am prone to contact dermatitis from just about anything that melt my skin and have dermatographia. But I see that a territorial store has a similar one, ‘the Moon Cup’. Also, the testimonials on the website are HYSTERICAL, so if you ever need a pick me up go away to and have a giggle.

Shoot me an electronic mail if you have any other subject, or better yet, leave a comment. They’ve been around since the 1930s (tried and tested tick) and give you an opportunity to more intimately experience your period (large but grotesque aspect, extreme tick). Its design can be folded the most ways, yet it popped open easily, so it was the easiest to insert, remove, and clean.

The benefits of the mooncup seemed sound enough to me on journal (and by notes I slavish computer screen). I actually just purchased a lady cup, I’ll be sure to come back and gossip once I’ve tried it 

Ok, so I am new to the menstrual cup and have to admit I was highly skeptical when I first heard about it, but after my sister raved about it I decided to give it a try. :)

The MeLuna got points in this test for coming with a little cleaning brush, but all the cups we tested were easy to quite.