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How to cancel AOL gold account?

by AOL Gold Download (2019-02-06)

Did you have an idea that you could have access to your AOL email and other websites on AOL Desktop Gold, even after you opted for canceling your account? You could also continue using your account if you chose to cancel it in the middle of the billing cycle. In order to get a grasp of how to cancel AOL Gold account, just take a look at the following steps given below or directly reach out to the Install AOL Gold Desktop asking them to cancel your account and follow the prompts as they guide:

  • Go to and log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to My Services>Subscriptions>Manage
  • Verify the account if prompted to.
  • Choose cancel and provide with a reason for the cancellation by selecting it from the drop-down menu box.

Hit enter to continue the process.

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