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About Our Company WHO WE ARE Elite Investy was started by two brothers. After hearing about the opportunities of cryptocurrencies for the first time, they were hooked. One of them was successful as a daytrader. The other brother, a brilliant web developer, didn't have the funds to invest. This had him thinking: What if there was a way to let a bot trade for you? It could work 24/7, trading as many coins as you wanted, constantly monitoring the market. Soon, he turned this idea into reality after building a prototype on a raspberry pi, with a 3d printed case - the very first Elite Investy. One day, the day trader proudly showed his trading tactics to his father, who was not impressed. "Whats wrong with you kid. Watching your computer screen all day long", "stop wasting your time and focus on the important things in life". He was right and both brothers knew it. At that point they teamed up and turned to their hopper and started brainstorming how to make the ideal trader.

Investment Robot Trader And Cloud Mining