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Memory Hack

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-01)

Use free time- When you have Memory Hack Review free time do some activities with your kids. Such as going to the park, read a good book together, take a walk, play board or card games, or simply giggle and be silly with them. Spending time with your kids shows them you care and helps build their confidence. Put together a boredom box- On a rainy or snowy day or just to try to get your kids to stay in one place for a certain amount of time. Put some activities they might enjoy doing in a box for them. Like crossword puzzles, paint sets, coloring books, modeling clay, jewelry making, or any other artistic areas of interest. The diagnosis of Inattentive ADHD is often missed. Sometimes the person with Inattentive ADHD only receives the diagnosis in adulthood. There are individuals who have had difficulty in school their entire academic career and while scouring the internet for help, they come across a behavioral checklist for Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I) and realize that this condition is what they have been dealing with all their lives. Many of these individuals have been to therapist and doctors but no one ever suggested to them that they might have ADHD-I. Unfortunately, Inattentive ADHD is a diagnosis that is hard to come by. Many teachers are aware of the problem but do not know what to call it or are calling it 'garden variety' ADHD. Parents of children who are not hyperactive go home, after the parent teacher conference, scratching their heads at a diagnosis of ADHD. They know that their child is not hyperactive and, in their limited understanding of ADHD, kids with this diagnosis are hyperactive. The parent is angry that the teacher has such a limited knowledge of the personality of their child and therein begins the parent/teacher battle.