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The Memory Hack

by Regina Fancy (2020-01-03)

If you're looking to cure panic attacks, you realize The Memory Hack Reviewit's not something that goes away with a pop of a pill. In mild cases, medications may not even be necessary, although in more serious cases, you may be prescribed with anti-anxiety medications to manage physical symptoms. Non-medication cures for panic attacks involve a combination of therapy and biological treatments to enhance or augment the effectiveness of medications. Medications alone do not cure the root cause of the disorder. Deep Breathing and Relaxation Biological approaches to mange and cure panic attacks refer to breathing and relaxation techniques that help you to minimize the debilitating effects of an episode as it happens. Breathing deeply, correctly helps to calm you and stay in control of a panic attack. So how do you take deep breaths properly? Take a deep, slow inhale through your nose, expanding your diaphragm in the process. Fill your lungs with air and feel it rush through your veins. Slowly let the air out through your mouth, deflating your diaphragm as you exhale. Repeat this for several minutes and keep your mind focused on the physical aspect of breathing. Doing this helps you stay conscious and aware of your environment while riding out a surge of panic or fear.Therapy OptionsAt least two known approaches have proved effective cures for panic attacks. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), also used to treat more complicated mental disorders such as agoraphobia works behind a simple deductive logic: Thoughts beget feelings; feelings dictate actions. With CBT, your thought processes are reoriented. You learn to acquire new and more positive ways of looking at situations you find yourself in so that they evoke alternative feelings of comfort, confidence and pleasure instead of your usual apprehension, panic and fear.