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Clear Nails Plus

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-30)

Change your diet. Many Clear Nails Plus Review do not realize the impact of their food on their bodies. For those who suffer from this problem a steady dose of probiotics will help. These are foods like yogurt that contain good bacteria. Eliminating some refined carbs from your food intake will also be pivotal in helping you out. The diet changes may not work alone, but they certainly help. Buy some over the counter drops or ointments and give them a try. They take several months to show results but many people rave about how well they work. You would likely be pleased if you used them correctly for a while. The problem with them is their cost. They are quite pricey and may not be an option for the budget conscious. Ask your doctor about prescription medications. These also take several months to show results but have good feedback from sufferers. You will be pleased with the results when they finally appear. Insurance may or may not choose to cover the cost, so be prepared to pay out of pocket. Consider surgery if you have tried everything else and it has failed you. This is a last resort that podiatrists keep in their arsenal for the sufferer. It could be laser or scalpel surgery. The results are instant, but the recovery is not. Again you might have to battle the insurance to get this covered as it is often not viewed as medically necessary. Prevent recurring problems once you have the situation under control. You do not want to be there again. Wash your feet after being in any public water. Wear clean and dry socks all the time. Keep your feet dry to prevent moisture from building up. The moisture is what leads to the fungus in the first place. If your feet become wet, dry them completely and replace your socks with dry ones.