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Advanced Adaptogen Complex

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-29)

Her brilliant and structured mind took to the Advanced Adaptogen Complex Review principles, phases and processes of AAIT. She saw how this approach could help her untangle from the energetic charge associated with her traumatic past. Within a short time, she learned how to access and cultivate steadier states of being by engaging in an embodiment practice at home. As for many, this practice has led to a gradual increase in awareness and a rich collaboration making those steadier states easier to find and stabilize in.Our collaboration includes email. She emails me changes that she notices, identifies points of tension that inhibit her daily life and intrusive content; thoughts, images, emotions and sensations. She points to any changes she's noticing (directed awareness) which helps me tweak her home embodiment practice for even greater gain.Our clients typically see us ONLY once and if they are lucky TWICE a week. By embracing an embodiment practice at home, Marianne has empowered herself to untangle from the pain inhibiting her presence of being in a more rapid and deliberate way.Recently, she sent me an email laying out several problems. Among them was a kind of startle response waking her most nights. This response was accompanied by not feeling safe. This startle stress formed a filter through which EACH DAY began.Despite the ferocity of the cognitive distortions that were running rampant, in my opinion, sleep is fundamental. Addressing the issues around sleep makes a HUGE impact. She had already cleaned up her sleep cycle and was doing much better on that front. This left us with the unsafe startle response awakening her.