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Advanced Adaptogen Complex

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-27)

In some ways looking Advanced Adaptogen Complex Review in is little different from looking out. Looking in on somebody has connotations of neighbourliness, caring and nurturing. So when you look in on someone, you may be looking after them, or even looking out for them. This is nice, and may support your self-esteem, but it still places your attention outside yourself. Lurking in the shadow of looking in is the practice of voyeurism, surreptitiously looking at. The essence of this is watching others to satisfy personal desires and gain power over them. Again your attention is external to you, and here in particular, it places the cause of your inner experience outside you - your power is given away to what you're looking at, even though it may feel as if you are in control. Any situation where you feel in control as a consequence of others' responses, obliviousness or circumstances, is one where you have actually given your power away. You've actually fed your insecurities in a way that demands continuous maintenance and makes no allowance for change. This is a drain on your energy. Your power base disappears the moment the situation or response changes. The ensuing fear reaction can be intense and completely destabilise you emotionally. Giving your power away means leaving your centre, disconnecting from the flow of your energy. Standing In / Re-Claiming Your Power Standing in, your power is therefore not an easy matter. It is possible only through inner reflection on your feelings and reactions, owning these and making self-referential adjustments to your interpretations of your experiences. Fundamental to this is re-claiming the energy that you've projected onto others - away from yourself. This is a journey that requires careful inner observation, rather than a one-off fix. Just contemplating it can be daunting, as you reflect on all the mistakes you've already made in this area. Choosing to make the journey is actually the first milestone on the way, for making a conscious choice is exercising your power.