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Ultra Manifestation

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-27)

Morality should be Ultra Manifestation Review based upon truth, not theory. After all, truth is settled. In other words, truth was here before we arrived and will be here after we are gone. And regardless of our attempts to try and alter truth, for whatever reasons, we cannot succeed at the task, because Truth is Truth. What we determine to use as our basis of truth does not matter. In other words, our personal opinion does not count, when it comes to the Standard of Truth. Truth remains true. Carry it to court. Try to change it in senates or chambers. And still, Truth remains Truth. It cannot be voted upon. It cannot be argued. It cannot be voted out of date. It cannot be voted out. It cannot be changed. Truth is constant. Truth is settled. Truth is established. Truth is Truth. Seeing therefore that Truth is Truth, if you and I have determined that we will do what it right, we must embrace Truth and live by its principles, with our minds steadfast that we will not fight Truth. The question then is, what is Truth? The answer is simply, God's Eternal Word is Truth. Jesus said so in John 17:17 (The Bible). So, to do right, I must line my ideas and opinions up with what the Truth says, so that the Truth I live by is something that is settled and sealed forever. Here are a few tips for learning how to do what is right: Understand that you have been given a free will by God and every decision you make, you will have to give an account for. So ensure that you make your choices based upon Truth, not feelings or the opinion of uninformed people. Do not be too quick when making decisions which have have a long-lasting effect. Take your time, read the Bible, pray and learn to think things through carefully. Some decisions can be very costly, so you need to ensure that what you decide is right. There are drugs called anti-depressants which medical doctors prescribe for their patients with depression problems.