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Memory Hack

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-26)

Medicine: Some medications Memory Hack Review can cause problems with thought, and others can actually help you to think better. Watch for common trouble makers such as painkillers, some blood pressure medications, and even some bladder control medications. These can cause cognitive function impairment. If you experience trouble, tell your doctor. He or she can change your prescription or the dose, and that can make all the difference. If you are experiencing impairment that isn't from medicines, you may find that you are given medicine to counteract it! For instance, there are now medications to help slow the progression of Alzheimer's. If you experience changes in function or see them in your loved ones, report this to the doctor right away. Don't be afraid that the doctor will tell your loved one that you reported their difficulties. Most doctors won't tell your relative who told them of the problem. Even if they do, it is important enough that your loved one get treatment that you need to tell about it anyhow. The doctor will test your loved one and prescribe medications if needed. Alternative therapies: Remember first and foremost that some alternative supplements and therapies can have side effects, or can interact with prescription medications. Always check with the doctor before adding an alternative therapy to a regimen. Here are some that might help, however. Gingko biloba seems to improve mental function. Be careful with this one though since it does interact with some medications and can also cause stomach upset. Ginseng also can be helpful, but be careful if you have rheumatoid arthritis as some types of ginseng can aggravate arthritis. Ginseng may interact with medications as well. There are two stereotypes in circulation about aging and mental ability - a negative one and a positive one. We associate aging with becoming slower, less 'on the ball', and with memory loss. We also may link aging with the idea of wisdom and negotiation skills - useful for many contemporary social problems.