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Blood Sugar Premier

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-23)

Perhaps it is time to discuss this issue with your Blood Sugar Premier Reviewdoctor For the diabetic population, those who are already diabetic and those who have prediabetes, also a condition of higher than normal blood sugar levels that often develops to full diabetes, I would suggest that in light of the foregoing described research and scientific opinion it would be worthwhile to discuss the matter fully with your doctor. I do have higher than normal blood sugar levels and for me, and others like me, the constant battle to control the condition does spoil the quality of life. I will be discussing this with my doctor who I hope is up to date and informed on the matter.But The American Diabetes Association does not advocate higher intake levelsThe American Diabetes Association is takes a cautious view, not advocating any increase in vitamin D intake above the current recommended levels.In a Research Summary, the American Diabetes Association, states that more studies are needed to determine whether more calcium and vitamin D is able to prevent diabetes and its complications. Their position statement says: "There is no clear evidence of benefit from vitamin or mineral supplementation in people with diabetes (compared with the general population) who do not have underlying deficiencies."If you have diabetes or know someone with diabetes, understand this. Diabetes is reversible unless the diabetic has a non-functional pancreas - yes curable. It's only a disease if you break it down into dis-ease, meaning the body is not at ease. Rather, it's overwhelmed by poor food choices causing the body's hormone system to spin out of control. This doesn't happen overnight, the culmination of eating habits and lack of knowledge of what is being sold as foods, over time, lead up to this condition.