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Clear Nails Plus

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-20)

With proper control Clear Nails Plus Review of the abnormal foot structure, many of the above listed conditions can be controlled, and even prevented. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as placing a wad of padding or mass produced plastic into the arch and assuming the foot's structure will be effectively supported. This technique will do in a pinch, and can help to improve some conditions, including mild heel pain and arch fatigue. High arched feet in particular may benefit from simple store-bought padding as the shock absorbing properties of these products are sufficient to help with many symptoms related to high arches. For exacting control, and especially to control flat feet, a prescription device made of a plaster molding of the foot is the better option, and the only way to slow the progression of certain foot deformities that need exacting structural control. A good analogy is comparing prescription orthotics and store-bought inserts to prescription eyeglasses and drug store brand reading glasses. Sure, one can 'see' better with only the reading glasses up close, but a near sighted person will have no way of correctly seeing a billboard down the road without prescription eyewear. Store bought inserts will help the foot feel better at first, but after awhile 'in the distance' their effectiveness will be minimal. When such store bought inserts are made of hard plastic, foot problems can potentially become much worse. Unlike molded plastic prescription orthotics, hard plastic inserts in stores and insert chains are not made of a mold of the foot, and are simply constructed to meet a general size of foot. Every foot is different, and the hard plastic of these inserts potentially can press into the foot in sensitive areas, leading to eventual discomfort. Because a prescription orthotics is made from a mold of the foot, the hardness of it's plastic (or graphite in some cases) will fit the foot contours exactly, and no discomfort will be felt.