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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-19)

Any abdominal fat that Leptitox Review reaches the point that you have become overweight is bad for you. A rounded, apple shaped abdomen that measures over 40 inches for a man or over 35 inches for a women is damaging to health and is potentially fatal. Of all the body fat to be saddled with, fat around the belly has the greatest potential to kill. Much of the danger of having fat on your abdomen means there is fat around your internal organs. Having fat around your internal organs translates into long term health risks and it is not a matter of if it will adversely affect your health, but when. When excess body fat collects around the tummy rather than on the limbs, it is an outwardly visual sign of hormonal and metabolic turmoil within. And once that abdominal fat has increased to a hard rounded appearance, it is almost guaranteed that 'hormonal' imbalance is driving its growth. In particular, it is generally due to resistance to the effects of the blood sugar regulating hormone insulin called 'insulin resistance'. Whenever we eat carbohydrates, they are broken down into sugar (glucose) which enters the bloodstream and the pancreas releases insulin to shuttle glucose out of the blood and into the cells. A high carbohydrate intake bombards the receptors, and the body eventually cannot keep up with the demand for insulin so the glucose stays in the blood causing damage to tissues and organs. This is insulin resistance, which is the precursor of Type II diabetes, a disease reaching epidemic proportions in the western world. The one thing that can help you lose this nasty abdominal fat in the fastest manner may surprise you. Are you ready? It is strength training exercise. That's right. A growing body of proof shows that strength training can help you ditch that belly fat faster than doing just 'cardio' exercise alone or by dieting without exercise.