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Keravita Pro

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-17)

Beautiful sandals look beautiful only on beautiful Keravita Pro Review feet. Spending money on expensive shoes will seem only wasted if you haven't taken good care of your feet. You won't be able to wear your beautiful expensive sandals if you have foot pain. Feet are an important part of your body and yet the most neglected. Beautiful feet are not only beauty symbol, tender, relaxed and soft feet add up to your overall health.Our feet carry the whole weight of our body while we are standing or walking or working. They help us to move and to work but most of the times get neglected. Our feet will be happy even if we spend only 10% of the time that we spend on caring rest of our body.Foot massage and exercise, these are two most pleasurable and effective treatments for your feet problems. Foot pain, damaged feet skin, calluses and corns are common problems that occur due to lack of attention we give to our feet. Ill-fitting shoes and lack of localized exercise can make your feet problem worse. I'm about to give you some real good tips to treat your feet problems and prevent these from happening again.For aching feet: Foot pain is a common problem and here is a very simple solution. Mix 100 gram sea salt or 1 tablespoon washing soda to a basin of warm water to soothe aching feet.Another easy relief for sore feet is to dab them with cucumber juice. Soothe the blisters with a thick layer of corn flour paste. You may also dust alum powder on tired feet to refresh them.To soothe away the cold: Mix 1 teaspoon mustard powder to a basin hot water and soak your feet in it till the water is cold. Treat your feet with this easy tip when cold and tired.