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Organifi Gold Tea

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-16)

No formula can compete with the Organifi Gold Tea Review natural diet breast milk offers. Perfectly balanced amounts of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates made specially for human babies. The whole process of pregnancy includes the production of milk for your baby. This is true of all mammals alike. The basic ingredients found in milk are protein, vitamins, minerals, lactose, fat and water. The difference that makes the milk unique to each species are proportions and the kinds of proteins and fats found in the different species milk. One example is the fact that protein in human milk is lower than other species especially cow's milk. Also within the protein, amino acids play an important role in the make up of these proteins. Taurine for example is an amino acid that is found in large quantities in human milk and plays an important role in brain and eye development. The vitamin's and mineral's in mothers milk are specially formulated naturally by the human body. One of these minerals is called iron. Everyone has heard of this mineral and knows it is vital to good health. Fifty to seventy five percent of iron in breast milk gets absorbed into the babies blood stream. As little as four percent of the iron in formulas are absorbed by babies. To make up for the difference manufacturers manipulate the proportions of vital nutrients in the formulas to try to balance the absorption levels out. The fats that are found in human milk are at a specific level and are easily absorbed into the babies blood stream. The enzyme called lipase breaks down to an ideal size that enables this easy absorption.