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Memory Protocol Ebook

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-15)

When you have ADHD anything that helps you get Memory Protocol Ebook Review and stay organized is a huge blessing. A good housekeeper is especially helpful but a good ADHD coach can make an even greater positive impact in the life of a person with ADHD. The strategies that ADHD coaches can help you with include: The use of watches, timers, and deadlines both for accomplishing tasks and for the planning phase of task completion.Some people with ADHD spend so much time planning what they need to do that they never actually do anything. People with ADHD also have a very poor sense of the amount of time it takes to complete a task and they can spend hours on something that should have taken 20 minutes. Perfectionism is the enemy of production and people with ADHD can find themselves over focusing on some minute detail of the project while ignoring the fact that much of the task is yet to be completed. The use of family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors as partners and reminders of the tasks that need completing. Assembling a 'team' of people who will hold you accountable and that will cheer you on as you trudge through your tasks makes the task completion more thorough, more predictable, and more satisfying. Breaking down tasks into smaller pieces and making goals that are accomplishable.Rome was not built in a day but when you are so far behind, the urge is to try to do everything in an attempt to 'catch up'. When the task at hand is huge, it is likely to appear undoable. Dividing the task into smaller pieces makes it something that appears manageable.