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Newscaster Vocalizer

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-13)

One new facet that I personally Newscaster Vocalizer Review like is the settings screen. How many times have you tried to help someone over the phone change the settings on their system to better fit the parameters they want to use, only to end up lost or confused on both ends of the conversation. Well, not anymore! Now, when you go to the settings screen, it opens in a new tab that comes with its own "address" that you can then copy and paste into an e-mail and sent off to that person. They open the message, click on it, and it takes them to their settings tab on their system. With security in mind, Google has thoughtfully included Sandboxing to help beef up security over all. Two things that take advantage of this are the plugins, and tabs. Since some people can find their way into your system through outdated plugins, Google has seen to that by "Sandboxing" certain plugins into the automatic update, they cannot become a threat. Have you ever had two or more tabs open, one of the sites crashed, and since it crashed, all of the other tabs crashed right along with it? Now, Chrome looks at each individual tab separately, therefore, should one tab have an issue and lock up, the others should remain unaffected by it. Also, in trying to slim down the overall appearance, in the upper right corner you now have just the Wrench which has taken up some of the features of the Page icon previously seen alongside it. With all this and more, Google basically has a pretty good thing going with Chrome 10. Whenever you take something good, and improve on it without messing up the things that made it good in the first place, you almost always end up with a winner.