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by Alisa Princy (2019-12-13)

Baby boomers are a happy and contented Tinnitus 911 Review generation. They actively participate in various aspects of life, even politics. They are also the most health-conscious generation that ever lived. Studies have revealed that baby boomers pay more visits to their family doctors when compared to the previous generation. Brief History of Baby Boomers The United States enjoyed a lot of economic prosperity after the Second World War. The war itself was a great factor responsible for this economic prosperity. A large number of cities were ruined in the war. The United States immediately converted factories that had produced wartime products into factories that produced peacetime products, and this move created a number of lucrative jobs for Americans. Unemployment was unheard of during this time, and jobs were plentiful for all people who were Caucasian, had the ability, and were willing to work hard. The United States exported a number of products and made huge profits. The American government placed a lot of emphasis on education. It encouraged families all over America to create children. This resulted in a rapid rise in population, especially referred to as "baby boomer generation." The baby boomers were born between the end of the Second World War and just before the Vietnam war, from 1946 to 1964. In 1946, the United States saw the birth of more than three million babies, and the number continued to rise during the years to come. Baby boomers were born and brought up in a comfortable world. When they entered their youth, the Vietnam War had begun and people were fighting for their civil rights all over America.