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Tinnitus 911

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-12)

The cheapest option for Tinnitus 911 Review hearing protection today is the foam ear plugs. These can be bought in packs of 500, for under a hundred dollars. They are comfortable, easy to fit and you can throw them away at the end of the day (or use them for a few days!). These ear plugs are good for working environments where the noise is not that loud. If the noise level is above what they are rated for though, you need to wear ear muffs as well. Wearing the two in combination blocks out most of the noise, although you may only need the ear muffs by themselves. Electronic Hearing Protection is a technology which is becoming increasingly more popular and common today. It involves standard ear muffs with little electronic devices in them to reduce the very loud noises, or to remove them completely. They run off batteries and will last for a number of weeks, depending on how they are used. What it comes down to is that there is no lack of hearing protection on the market; you just need to get something and wear it all of the time! I've heard many people claim that the noises many of us hear are a creation of our technological advancement. It's the price we pay, so to speak, for progress. They claim our ancestors didn't experience this problem. Ah! But they're so wrong. Tinnitus is actually a very old -- even ancient -- problem. The name itself derives from a Latin word: tinnire, meaning a ringing or a tinkling sound. And the truth of the matter is that students of ancient history have found evidence of this malady in the medical writings of the Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilizations. From what is recorded, it appears that ringing in the ears was every bit as common then as it is now. Some people argue that its prevalence today is on the increase. That's a tough call. You really can't say that with certainty. What you can say, though, is that more recorded cases of it exist than ever before. This, then, begs the question: How many individuals suffered previously without seeking medical attention? Some experts still say, though, more of us than ever before are at least at risk of developing it than ever before. Why is that? And, yes, this is in part thanks to the progress of technology. Home entertainment options from television to music to videos... you name it we can listen to it -- and we can crank that volume up all the way if we please. And that's not even taking into account the venerable rock concert.