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Bp Zone

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-11)

The "bottom number", the diastolic pressure, is Bp Zone Review the most significant number so far as heart and vascular disease is concerned. In reviewing 13 such studies the average diastolic drop consistently ranges from five to 10 percent. Garlic, combined with weight loss, a low fat diet, and stress control, can have a dramatic effect on hypertension. Garlic and CirculationGarlic is an ideal lifetime product for protection of the heart and circulation. It is the only substance without side effects to positively affect both blood fats and hypertension. It is a double-barreled helper.Garlic seems to have an over-all health promoting effect on the cardiovascular system.Just as there are broad spectrum antibiotics that have wide effects, so garlic has many health benefits to the cardiovascular system. It can shift blood fats dramatically toward a healthier range, lower blood pressure if high, keep our blood platelets form clumping inside blood vessels, and is a diuretic.What is the Number One Cause of Death in America?Heart and circulatory disease are the number one cause of death in North America. About fifty percent of deaths can be attributed to these problems.Contributing to these diseases are several factors:High cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol(the good kind), high blood pressure, edema, and blood that clots too quickly. The good news is that garlic works its magic to improve all of the listed circulatory problems!Is Garlic Safe?And I didn't even mention earlier that is can slightly widen the blood vessels to allow better blood flow. We get all of these benefits from a simple food that has had a safe and effective track record for thousands of years.