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10 Minute Awakening

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-10)

The Reasons for Three Paths 10 Minute Awakening Review Gita is widely believed to be written after the Buddha period that is after the period of Vedas (3500 BC-1500 BC), Upanishads (1500 BC-600 BC) and Buddhism and Jainism (500-600 BC). Thus it was the culmination of thousands of years of experience of the philosophers and the seers in India. Read a religious/spiritual book or article. Spend a few minutes daily in meditation or prayer. Notice if your everyday actions have any spiritual significance. If not, think of ways to make your actions and your values match. Go to several religious services and think about what meaning each one has for you. Jesus is alone with His disciples, as they rest and recover from a demanding time of service and ministry. It is always wise to take time to recuperate following a draining period. Jesus is always interested in after care. Jesus rises from prayer to ask a question. "What are the people saying about me?" Did He not know? These faithful and called disciples give the most favourable comments, editing out any unfavourable remarks. Some think you are John the Baptist, or Elijah, or one of the prophets. There are those who regard you to be Jeremiah. Many out there consider you to be unique. Now, that was a mighty compliment to be thought of as being Jeremiah. It is a phrase frequently repeated today. "He is a right Jeremiah". What an honour to be called that, provided it is accurate, because that means you are speaking what God wants you to say. Jeremiah was a remarkable man - a prophet who spoke what Almighty God wanted him to say - and it was seldom popular. But that can be what a man is asked to do with his life. Then Jesus comes with the big question. It is massive! Now, never mind what they are saying.