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My Lottery Loopholes

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-09)

Finding Arbitrages are My Lottery Loopholes Review not easy. There are many happening each day, but most of them exists only for a short while. Finding it means that you have to look at the right event at the right time. This is possible and I have done many Arbitrages looking at the different bookmakers websites. This took many hours of my time. If only all the prices could be available on one website, it would make finding an Arbitrage a bit easier. This website is also very handy because it shows the Arbitrage percentage for each event. This meant that I did not need to calculate the Arbitrage any more. It is just a case of checking this website from time to time and scan the percentages for something less than 100%. Once again this proved time consuming. The Arbitrage may not exist when you check the website and there are hundreds of sports to check. Sometimes the percentages are also not displayed on the main page for the sport in question. It is surprising to discover how thoroughly our basic functions sometimes control our conscious minds. Scientific studies have shown that mice and pigeons, and recently other animals such as cuttlefish, can be taught to react to a specific arbitrary sign with a specific set of behaviors: animals learn to expect food at a sight or sound, and learn to receive food by manipulating a lever, ringing a bell, or pecking a certain spot. Through habituation, they are conditioned to consistently believe that specific phenomena or actions regularly lead to the same specific results. Moreover, additional experiments show that once an individual is thus conditioned, it will not learn what to a more developed mind, such as ours, may seem a variant of the same. That is, once a cuttlefish learns that a pink circle means food is coming and a blue spot means no food, it will take any additional color to mean no food. It has no capacity to interconnect new phenomena and allow hitherto inexperienced possibilities. Having learnt one condition, the mouse mind is blocked to any other possibility, even if subsequent stimuli are as strong or even stronger. Obviously? Before you condescendingly dismiss inferior mice, rooks, and cuttlefish (all significantly more intelligent then Man previously supposed), ask yourselves if have never been jolted into a sudden realization of a simple possibility that had never hitherto occurred to you: like that the bunch of guys at the top running the country might be as ignorant or even more ignorant than you.