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Casino Destroyer

by Alisa Princy (2019-12-07)

Now it's time to set the Casino Destroyer Review trap. You limp in to the pot and so do 4 other players. Life is great, right? WRONG! You are most likely about to lose a lot of chips. I've seen it happen hundreds of times. You're sitting at a table and after the betting is completed, 2 players turn up their hands and a player who just had their pocket aces cracked starts complaining that he "never wins with pocket aces." I usually take that opportunity to point out that he lost with them because he slow played them and let a mediocre see the flop quite cheaply. Since the player is already upset from their aces being cracked, this comment will usually send them over the edge and put them on full blown tilt. Before the flop, pocket aces are between 77% and 88% to win a hand against a SINGLE opponent. So you should expect to lose with pocket aces about 1 out of every 4 times you play them against one opponent. Add one more player to the hand and you could be looking at only a 66% chance to win. Against 3 opponents, aces are about 50% to win. One of the biggest problems with pocket aces is that most players have a very difficult time folding them during a hand. Obviously nobody is going to fold them pre-flop, but there are many dangerous hands where you are going to need to either put the breaks on or even bail out entirely after a dangerous flop or turn card. This is why it's often said that pocket aces are good for winning a small pot or losing a large one. Make a standard opening raise with aces to limit the competition. If you are lucky enough to be re-raised pre-flop, go ahead throw in the 3rd raise to make sure that you end up against a single opponent or perhaps get everybody to fold. You may not win all their chips in one hand, but winning an uncontested pot is far greater than getting losing a monster pot by letting somebody see a flop cheaply.