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Blood Sugar Formula

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-05)

A recent study looking at the "Effects of Exercise Blood Sugar Formula Review Training Intensity on Pancreatic β-Cell Function" by Slentz CA, Tanner CJ, Bateman LA, Durheim MT, Huffman KM, Houmard JA, and Kraus WE studied how training intensity effected the production of insulin by the pancreas. They concluded that their moderate and high intensity exercise groups had the best increase in insulin sensitivity and how quickly insulin responded to glucose. Both of those are important in keeping a normal blood sugar level. Gerald S. Zavorsky, PhD responded and suggested that the most likely reason for the better performance of the higher intensity groups was that increased intensity of exercise is important in decreasing visceral adiposity or the fat around your middle that is actually inside surrounding your organs.So what is intensity when it comes to exercise? In weight lifting it is how difficult it is to do each repetition and set or how heavy you lift for cardio it would be how fast you walk or cycle or run. What intensity has in common for both anaerobic and aerobic exercise is how hard you are working while you are exercising. Good indicators for the intensity which you are exercising are: 1. Are you breathing hard enough that you can't talk and 2. are you sweating intensely. Both usually go together because if you are exercising hard enough to sweat intensely your ability to carry on a conversation is going to be impeded.