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Text Chemistry

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-04)

Personality plays a large role Text Chemistry Review in a girl approach. Women are loaded with unique personality traits and some of them could be just the type you want. How to get her can become easy if you know or have inkling from conversations what type she might be. Intelligence plays a large role as conversation can lead to sex and an exhilarating experience. If you cannot connect with her mentally, sex can be a drag. It is usually said that girls look for love and sex while it is always sex and sex for men. But men realize later that intelligence plays a large role on triggering sexual passion after the initial fire burns out. If you want to know how to get her, you would obviously be thinking about the humor factor. Does she understand the jokes or appreciate humor? The need to attract women requires having a good sense of humor. You may have loads of it, but does she have it in abundance. It is not easy to figure out in advance unless you take her out on the first date. Her looks should closely resemble someone you are looking for. Don't expect her to look like a Hollywood starlet or a classical beauty as they are available on screen and in real life you can expect someone closely resembling her. Look for common meeting grounds and interests. Does she share similar hobbies? Does she like to spend her leisure hours much the same way as you do? These are small matters but play a large role if you want to know how to get her in the first place. So, you've played the gentleman and really want to ratify your new place in her life by getting a kiss, but she doesn't seem keen, which now makes you worry about being cut out of her life completely if you move in too soon. On the other hand, if she didn't like you, she wouldn't have stayed the whole night with you, right? All of this is going through your head and now she's looking impatient as she waits for you to do something. All that is really required of you now is that you display the same confidence one more time. When you get to the doorstep, keep an eye on her body language to determine how to proceed. Is she calm and relaxed or looking for an escape route? If things don't feel right or she's looking like she's ready to break down her own door, there's nothing wrong with waiting until another night to catch the kiss.