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No BS Manifesting Course

by Jerome Princy (2019-12-03)

Tracing the history of diabetes, series No BS Manifesting Course Review of experiments and researches were done searching for more possible and effective cure for diabetes. The first one is the Glucose Meter, created in 1969 by Ames Diagnostics. This is designed to easily detect the blood glucose (sugar) level of the patient and it is designed handy that it can be put in pockets or purse. The Insulin Pump first emerged in the late 70's, created by Linda Fredrickson, RN in 1979 wherein the said apparatus dispenses a permanent flow of insulin dose through a plastic tube using a tiny needle that is popped in to the skin. Next to these apparatuses are the Hemoglobin A1c and the Metformin, both designed to stop and prevent the dangerously effect of diabetes. Diabetes researchers are still on their way in finding the best solutions and medication in curing diabetes. It is still unclear today how long will it take and when will the cure be found, perhaps it could be another spectacular discovery of the insulin, based on the history of diabetes, or it could be that researchers will just have to be satisfied with the sloth-like motion of the development. Even though many experts believe the number of people diagnosed with diabetes will increase massively over the next few years, and more work needs to be done, we have already seen massive developments in the field of treating diabetes. The insulin pump has been around for some time but lately there have been great advances in its functionality, use and reliability. If you consider a pump to be an "artificial pancreas" then you would not be too far away from the truth. It is simply a system which allows insulin to be constantly pumped into your body at a rate which can be varied and controlled by you to take into account activities and mealtimes throughout the day. Thankfully the large and very bulky insulin pumps of years gone by have been replaced by machines which are the size of a pack of cards and you can easily slip into your pocket or indeed be strap to a leg or an arm. Insulin pumping allows the body to regulate the level of sugar in the blood and avoid the various medical side effects of diabetes. For example, if you are about to have one of your regular daily meals you could increase the level of insulin in your body prior to the meal which would therefore control your blood sugar level immediately. There is also the potential to increase your blood sugar level by reducing the level of insulin if for example you were exercising or doing some other activity which could reduce your blood sugar level naturally.