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Cerisea Medica

by Regina Fancy (2019-12-03)

I still use the technique to avoid pain, to the amazement Cerisea Medica Review of my current dentist. I was working out with a group of students about a month ago showing some of the advanced techniques of internal Qi gong and how to strike not at things but through things. A question from a senior student distracted me and a newbie cold cocked me on my left side right on my jaw. Ouch! I didn't give it much energy and re-channeled the pain and went on with the instructions. A few days ago I was feeling some discomfort in my mouth and went to the dentist to have it checked. It turned out that I had a broken tooth and it needed to be pulled.When I said No Novocain! The dentist and her assistant turned white. After some discussion and seeing that it wasn't going to happen without me agreeing to let them give me at least a ¼ dose I agreed for their sake I then went into a deep meditation and before I knew it the tooth was out. I did much better than the doctor and her assistant in fact I giver her call to day to check on her anxiety level after seeing me. She was fine but still can't believe that it didn't bother me.Over the last 6 decades I have studied and learned many techniques from the ancient cultures on to move, remove, divert and avoid pain. On many different levels mentally, physically, emotionally and locked in spiritual pain. Some of these systems I have discovered out of necessity others are drawn from the Taoist systems and Tibetan systems, as well as Alchemy, Chinese medicine and the secret teachings of Ayurvedic medicine.