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by Jerome Princy (2019-12-02)

The program actually finishes Individualogist Review when the person is free from the mental and spiritual ill effects of drugs and toxins. The mechanics appear to be that the person has toxins lodged in the fatty tissues. Those affect him mentally and spiritually. To get the body to let go of these toxins, and expel them, the person uses the body sweat system. He goes to a the sauna daily and expels the toxins. It seems that vitamin B3 - Niacin - is a magic vitamin here. It appears to attach itself to the toxin - and I am guessing possibly the same way that soap - a fatty acid - attaches itself to dirt particles, pulling dirt particles out from cloths. However to pull the toxin from the fat tissue, it appears that fresh and clean oils are needed to be ingested so the body gives up the old contaminated oil, which is attached to the toxin. Each participant takes a tablespoon of oils a day - safflower oil, soy oil, walnut oil, or peanut oil (all cold pressed). I am always amazed at the cleverness of this system of encouraging the body to give up toxins by allowing it to absorb clean oils for bad. And sure enough, it works. When the person is finished he reports the increased zest for life. I also mark their IQ tests which they do before and after the program so I can see the improvement. In fact, this is a critical point. While this is just a test, a guide, it does indicate that a person is now better suited to solve his life's problems having gotten rid of the toxins that were previously sitting in fatty tissue, making his life dull and often misemotional. When you happen to be one of the few in the here and now that has had their awakening it's incredible and frustrating all at the same time. On the one hand you have shifted your perception to a higher understanding of awareness and you want nothing more than to share that awareness but on the other you are dealing with so many people that have simply not opened their eyes to see what you see and cannot entertain or even understand many of the concepts your trying to convey. In order to do so they must do the very thing that is the most challenging... Let go. Let go of their judgment, let go of their opinions, let go of their control. These tools of our behavior are governed by the almighty ego.