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Manifestation Magic

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-27)

Life as a whole could be Manifestation Magic Review compared to a race, match or TV contest, in which there has to be winners and losers, elation and disappointment, self-contentment and self-doubting, good conduct and bad conduct, fair play and foul play. So who wins and who doesn't? Why? and what are the emotions attached to both? Sporting events and TV contest shows, attract vast at- home and live audiences. Millions of people will give their money and time to watching such competitive events and sometimes between people they have never heard of! So what is it that draws viewers towards these events? Is it:- Love of the particular sport or topic? Desire to learn the skill how to do it themselves? Attraction to the persons taking part? A need to watch the much-hyped-up sporting spectacular? No, the reasons are usually little to do directly with these. The real reasons are:- People like to watch the emotions of success and of failure They want to watch someone 'snatch success from the jaws of defeat' or for an 'underdog' to win from nowhere! They subconsciously use what they behold to relate to similar emotions and dreams within themselves They want to watch, in the victor's success, the great pride and joy of achievement They want to watch, In the loser's defeat, the effect of deep disappointment and sense of failure. For various natural psychological reasons, they like to view the actions, performance and emotions of others. To get the huge interest and viewing audiences that they do, organisers of professional events have to promote competition. The event has to mean something important to its viewers. It needs to count for something in their minds, otherwise they will very little interest in it. If people seriously want to gain personal prowess at anything, they will get a manual or training course on it and pursue the specific art. When they give their time to watch an event, they do not want to witness purely a demonstration of rehearsed skills, they want and need to see such things as:- strife, valour, anger, fear, joy, danger, conflict, struggle, confrontation. These are the things which intrigue them as they 'put bums on seats'! The underlying connection here is that, by being able to view these emotions taking place for other people, the viewer is actually seeking a feeling of well-being for him or herself. This could be in the form of an aspiration to some greater achievement or perhaps the sense of relief in seeing an exalted competitor get knocked off his perch!