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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-27)

Life changes. We have a vision 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review of success when we become adults, then when we become adults things happen. You wanted a fast sports car and now you love traveling with the children. A sports car that would have made you happy years ago is no longer a point of joy. Perhaps it is time to alter your goal to match your current life. Are you pursuing your dream? Our families and friends can have a powerful, even overpowering influence in your lives. When you stop following your dream and instead start following their idea of success, it becomes dissatisfying even distasteful. This is like eating celery when you want a piece of pizza. Even should you achieve the end goal, it will not be what you really want. Is it this success what you want? You know important it is to make money, so you have a job that you absolutely hate. You tell everyone how much you want to move up the corporate ladder. Moving up the ladder means more money, more prestige, more success. But if the job is something you hate then what difference does it make? Each week you will wish for the weekend. Each weekend you will resent Monday. This does not sound like success to me. Are you afraid? Success is a bit scary, sometimes really scary. The odd truth is, success is supposed to be scary. It is not something that should be easily obtained, you need to reach for it. Part of what makes your goal worth achieving it working for it, striving for it. You may have times when you slide backward, but a goal worth reaching is worth it. Remember all the times you competed in contests, the contests that you wanted to win, you kept reaching for the goal. Did you give up? Speaking of contests, did you give up on this contest called life? If you stopped reaching for your end goal then you are the only one to blame. Roadblocks and naysayers are a part of life. Decide your desire to succeed is bigger than the naysayers and roadblocks and go for it. If you have heard of the parreto principle you will already understand the 80/20 principle. 80% of success is created by 20% of the people, -80% of your income is created by 20% of your efforts, -80% of the clothes you wear are only 20% of the clothes in your wardrobe! Sound familiar? It is a well known fact that this is the case and it explains why 84% of practitioners and coaches FAIL to ever build a successful business, but this doesn't mean that 84% are not capable of creating success does it? No it means that 84% just don't believe enough in themselves, don't have enough confidence, are scared, don't know what to do first or what to do next or for other reasons, never manage to find enough clients and create that successful business they set out to create when they began their training.