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The Underground Fat Loss Manual

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-27)

One week before your diet The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review and exercise begins, clean out your fridge and cupboards. Go through all the junk food and food that will do you no good when you are trying to get in shape, and throw them out! This will give you a week to start adjusting to your new behavior. If you want to have a cheat meal before your deadline, then go to a restaurant, but keep only clean food in your house starting the week before. If you are a size 11 and want to be a size 7, go out and buy yourself something in size 7. BEFORE you start the diet / exercise. This way, you have a tangible goal to work towards, plus you will not want to waste money on buying clothes, so this will give you more motivation to start losing the weight. If you begin to see yourself in a size 7, this "imagery" will help you get to your weight loss goals faster. Let your family and friends know your goals before starting the diet, and tell them when you are starting. This makes you accountable for your goals and it also opens up channels of support you might need. If you tell 10 people and 4 or 5 are supportive, you know to turn to those 4 or 5 people for support when you need it, and stay clear about talking about your diet to the others who may not been that supportive. They may, without realizing, bring you down during your time of need. You can still be friends with everyone, just choose who you confide in for best results. Get your food plan, weight lifting plan and cadio plan together 1 week before your deadline. This will give you time to go through everything and understand what needs to be done. You may need to join a gym during this time, possibly get a personal trainer to get you started, or do some research about how many calories you need to have in your daily diet. I keep getting asked this question or something like it. People email me and ask, "How many weeks will it take to get rid of fat for my lower stomach." So I thought I'd take a moment to clear it up publicly. When it comes to getting rid of belly fat, especially the fat on your lower stomach, how long it takes really depends on how much fat you have to lose, what you're doing for diet and exercise, and your body's tolerance for exercise and diet. Some people can start a diet and lose 10 lbs a week. Others might only lose 5 lbs a week. It all depends on the diet and your body.