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Manifestation Magic

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-27)

I know me and just about every other Life coach, Manifestation Magic Reviewspiritual leader and blogger all around the world have just about ran the urgency of setting goals for the New Year into the ground. I did a Google search on "goal setting" and found over 3.2 million entries on the topic. I myself have written many articles about planning, and setting goals to I am almost blue in the face, but I love the stuff. It's how I function. I love developing new ideas, creating strategic ways to implement those ideas, learning new things, and just planning for the future. But there was something that dawned on me about goal setting. That we can continue to teach people about how important is to set goals, we can give them theory, we can even give them the theology about the subject but if the person in our case, if we women can not get it in our heads that we can actually make some of this stuff happened were at a major loss. If we can not perceive the very best for ourselves no strategic plan, no SMART goal and no life coach is going to be able to help move us into DESTINY!We have to have the right FRAME of mind. We have to see things that are deemed impossible, negative, and unsolvable in another way. We have to be able to challenge the negative as an opportunity, the unsolvable, with a doable and the impossible with the possible. If we are going to be what God has called us to be we have to create an environment of thoughts that propels the DREAM. There are going to be some challenges. With those challenges I have decided that I am going to have to get aggressive. I am going to learn how to step back see those things that I once viewed as a setback as a setup for something great. We are going to have put on some alternative lenses and look at things in another way. How can we do this?