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Flow State Training Program

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-26)

Practitioners of meditation Flow State Training Program Review have greater emotional stability and are less prone to stress caused by unfavourable circumstances encountered in daily life such as a traffic jam or a heavy workload in the office. In other words, regular meditation confers a sense of appreciation within its practitioners. Practicing meditation will enable us to have a greater clarity of thought and this will sharpen our cognitive abilities greatly. This is because regular meditation provides a relief of stress to our psychological being as well. Lastly, regular meditation confers spiritual benefits because its practitioners experience an increased mindfulness and a sense of being closer to the divine or to nature. This is often accompanied with the ability to let go of psychological trauma and the feeling of beginning anew in life. Meditation provides the way to inner peace and appreciative joy or gratitude. To verify the validity of this statement, engage in meditation for 20 minutes and within a month, you will realize that your level of satisfaction towards life will increase while your anxiety level will fall simultaneously. But before I introduce a basic meditation guide for relaxation, I would like to share what meditation is all about. Meditation is, in fact, the act of concentrating the mind on one object while allowing distracting ideas in the mind to fade away. This process gives our mind a sense of tranquility. Others may describe this experience as the way to be closer to your higher self or consciousness. However, one must be aware that meditation is not a means to run away from problems in reality. It is actually a practice to develop a sharper mind so that we can be at a better position to deal with the challenges in life. It is not about avoiding real-life problem, nor having a head-on collision with it, but it is about embracing the curves life thrown at us, with a positive mindset, and with mental agility and stability. Having a better understanding of meditation, I would like to introduce one basic meditation guide for relaxation. Below are its specific guidelines: Concentrate on an object of meditation such as your breath, a mantra or a visual image. Gently discard any distracting ideas that surface in your mind. The best approach is to be just aware of the fact that these ideas are fleeting and you don't need to be involved with them.