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Natural Synergy Cure

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-25)

protect itself is: Concentrated, enzyme-rich nutrients Natural Synergy Cure Review Plenty of nutrient-dense fluids A wide variety of nutrients from diverse sources Enzymes have the power to speed healing and protect the body from free radicals and disease organisms. Concentrate nutrients by juicing enzyme-rich fresh fruits and vegetables. This supplies the body with nutrient-dense fluids to help protect and nourish cells as well as flush toxins out of the body. The best, easiest way to consume a wide variety of concentrated nutrients is to use a juicer that juices both fruits and vegetables. For maximum nutrition and enzyme concentration, consume sprouts, the epitome of the perfect super food. Sprouting grains, seeds, beans and legumes helps to ensure enzyme-rich nutrition and provides alternative food sources for a more balanced diet. Eat sprouts in salads, on sandwiches and some even juice well. You can even dehydrate the sprouts and grind them to make flour. Here are a few ways to extract great nutrition economically to stay well during flu season naturally. A centrifugal ejection juicer like L'Equip 215 XL Juicer juices both fruits and vegetables. It is very affordable, easy to clean and requires less chopping. You can even juice small to medium size apples whole. For more efficiency, single and twin gear juicers like Samson and Green Star Juicers yield more juice. The juice quality is higher as well because the RPMs are lower producing less friction. These juicers do require more chopping, fruits must be very firm and they do cost more. Grow sprouts using a value-packed Food PANtrie Dehydrator, which doubles as a sprouter, is very affordable, requires no electricity and is free to operate.