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Ketogenic Accelerator

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-22)

When you start to pay attention Ketogenic Accelerator Review to what you are eating, how you are feeling and the choices that you are making throughout the day (attention not judgment) you can move towards abundant health and weight loss. I suggest that you remind yourself at the beginning of the day and before every mean, "I can choose to lose weight and experience abundant health." Sometimes you are going to choose to have a piece of chocolate cake and that's fine too. Just understand that you have the power to choose any option you would like in this moment. Sometimes we fall into a trap that psychologists call "all or nothing thinking." We think that if we are not perfect in our efforts to lose weight and get healthy, than we might as well give up. But even small changes make a big difference. For example, consensus among doctors seems to be that calories really do make a difference in weight loss. To lose weight we either have to eat less calories (which doesn't have to mean eating less food) or burn more. 3500 calories equals one pound. If we simply decease our calories by 100 per day or increase our exercise just a little bit, we would lose 10 pounds in a year without very little effort at all. Starving yourself or trying to force yourself to exercise doesn't work. We think it does because most of us have tried some crash diet where we lost weight for a while and then we gained it back. We have blamed our will power rather than the overall strategy. While we can all force ourselves to do something for a little while, overtime this is an exhausting strategy that fails for almost everyone. Finding ways to enjoy what you eat and creating an exercise plan that fits what you like to do is the only way that any of us can sustain lasting change Diets often fail because they don't fit our bodies. They suggest foods we hate or exercise programs we don't want to do. More importantly, they give away our authority to someone else. We become the passive recipients of someone else's understanding of us. Of course, there is some great information that is true for most people but when you start paying attention to yourself you will be able to create an abundantly healthy lifestyle that is tailored just for you. For example, only you know how you feel after eating a particular type of food. When you start paying attention to your energy levels after eating you will know what feeds your body and your spirit and be able to adjust your eating accordingly. This is only a beginning but try these concepts on for a bit. The more you believe them the easier it will be to reach your goal of abundant health and weight loss. As always, I look forward to your ideas, stories and suggestions!