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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-22)

What about speech; what we say? The sin 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review level is clearly slander and its cousins. The worldly standard is double-talk and complaint -- it is entirely acceptable in eighty percent of life to talk good of people one minute and criticise the next, or to sprinkle whinging with joy. Even so-called 'pious' people do it. The heavenly standard however, one which is rarely reached, is that of prudence -- the ability to remain silent and utter words only which lift people up; prudence upholds, and links to, respect. It's articulating words of praise not complaint. The prudent get balance right. They only speak when there's something genuinely good to say. They also reap a blessing of peace (shalom) as a result of not having tenuous relationships to deal with. Instead they are almost universally respected; even by those they seemingly have nothing in common with -- or those whom might be tempted to be envious. Prudence is also about what enters our mouths, as a function of self-control; i.e. what we drink and what we eat, and most appropriately, how much we do of both. In some instance, negotiation is necessary to gain success. When working with someone who holds power, you may have to negotiate for position. A good negotiator can initiate terms, bargain for arrangement, and satisfy agreement. The need to be a good negotiator is imperative in your quest for success. You would not fire off in a rocket to the moon without first mapping the course and you can't obtain complete success without first mapping how to get there. First you have to define the goal, set a course and follow the directions on how to get there. A goal becomes easy if you simply lay out its' directions. Making a map helps but isn't worth anything if you don't follow directions. Like putting together a toy for your child, if you don't follow the manufacture's directions it will take longer to put it together or possibly you won't assemble it at all. Be prepared to follow directions.