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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-22)

If you swallow flax seeds The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review whole, your body will not get the nutrients, so the shell needs to be cracked before you swallow them. Some people do this just by chewing them, which is fine, but they tend to get stuck in your teeth. A better solution is to pick up a small inexpensive coffee grinder and turn them into more of a powder. I usually grind about a weeks worth at a time and keep it in the refrigerator, because breaking the shell causes them to degrade faster. They should no go bad too quickly, but if they start smelling bad, it means the fat is spoiling, just like when fish gets a fishy smell. The last solid ingredient is the protein powder and this one is a little more complicated. There are so many protein powders available and everyone seems to have a different favorite brand or flavor. I do not recommend having protein powder for every meal, but using it once or maybe twice a day with meals that do not otherwise have a significant amount of protein can be very helpful, especially for people who exercise frequently and want to lose fat or gain muscle. Most people who restrict their calories do not get enough protein and the powders are a convenient way to increase protein intake. As far as this meal is concerned, protein powder makes a great choice, because it adds flavor and most powders will easily mix in with the other ingredients. The important thing is to use a protein powder (almost all protein) and not a meal replacement powder (MRP), which has more carbs and other ingredients. MRPs do not mix nearly as easily as protein powders and usually need a shaker or even a blender to mix properly. The other great thing about protein powders is when you compare them gram for gram to other high protein foods, they are often much less expensive. The final ingredient is water and this one is somewhat of a personal choice. I choose to use water over milk for a few reasons, but mainly because milk wreaks havoc on my intestinal system and it doesn't really add additional health benefits to the meal. For me the taste of water with protein powder is good enough, but some people say milk makes it taste even better. You can certainly substitute milk for water if you wish, but it will alter the nutritional content of the meal somewhat.