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by Alisa Princy (2019-11-18)

The second thing is to be exact when following the iGenics Review directions which come with the each lens-care product. If there are some questions you want to ask, you can ask to a pharmacist or eye-care practitioner. The third thing that you need to do is to wash your hands and then rinse them before you are going to handle your lenses. It would be best if you are using fragrance-free soap. The fourth thing is to use 2 or 3 drops of saline solution of lubricating/rewetting drops in the each eye ten minutes before you are going to remove a soft contact lens. It can hydrate the lens so that it will not dry when you remove it. The fifth thing is to work over the table with the soft towel that covering the top. If you are working over the sink, you need to close the drain and then use the washcloth for covering the drain area. The next thing is to take the right lens out first, and then the left, always. After that, you need to look up, then touch the lens, and you should let it slide down and over to outside corner of the eye. You will find that the lens is going to bunch up so that it is very easy to fold out by using your fingertips and grab out of your eye. Indirect funduscopy and Slit-lamp funduscopy are done after dilation is put to enlarge the pupils. Direct ophthalmoscopy could be done with or without enlargement of the pupil. The eye drops might cause some irritation for some hours and you would find it difficult to open your eyes for some time. Thus, arrangements have to be made for you before after the test. In order to solve this irritation problem the doctor might suggest you to wear sunglasses, which make you comfortable. However before the use of the eye drops make sure that you inform you eye doctor about, if you have any glaucoma or had glaucoma problems in any of your family members. Also you have to tell your doctor if you are taking any medicines or under medication.