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Keravita Pro

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-17)

There are many potential Keravita Pro Review causes of low back pain. Herniated disk, joint problems, past injuries, even foot problems. We are bipeds, meaning we walk on only two limbs, not four like dogs, cats, etc. Our hips and pelvis support our body weight while we walk. If we have abnormalities in our feet such as pronation (flat feet) or supination (high arch) this can cause our pelvis and hips to be unlevel. Or more commonly, we have a little bit of each type of foot, pronation in one and supination in the other, to keep our pelvis as level as it can be. If the feet are abnormal, you may have a functional leg length discrepancy. This means that one leg may appear longer than the other, but with stretches, orthotics, manipulation of the spine or extremities the leg length will be even. If you have tightness in your low back, it may cause the pelvis to be unlevel, causing the legs to be different length and the feet to compensate. This helps illustrate that the problem can be from the bottom up or the top down. The average person takes 10,000 steps per day. If you have an abnormality in your feet, your pelvis may not be level causing pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or low back which will have to compensate by tightening and causing pain. So why do we have two drastically different feet? To sum it up in one word, Industrialization. We now cram our feet into confining shoes and walk on man-made surfaces. Have you ever been on vacation at the beach and not worn shoes for a few days and noticed that they actually feel good? Some of my best running years were when I lived on the beach in Long Island. I was able to get rid of my plantar fasciitis and shin splints by walking in the sand everyday while barefoot! Since most of us cannot walk barefoot on a beach everyday the next best solution is custom fabricated orthotics. Do I even need shoes? Zola Bud in the 1984 Summer Olympics ran the women's 5000 meters without shoes! The Tarahomara Indians of Mexico run, literally, hundreds of miles each week and they do this barefoot! I would not recommend trying to run without shoes, the body needs time to adapt to stresses imposed upon it: remember we were designed to be barefoot on natural surfaces. The shoe companies have realized this and are now making running shoes with less cushioning than they had just 3 years ago. The foot and ankle were having trouble stabilizing the rest of the body on these shoes which actually caused more injuries than they solved.