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Bp Zone

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-15)

Kidney plays major Bp Zone Review function as it is the site where salt absorption and excretion take place. So as to cope up with high blood pressure kidney releases salt and water, and in case of low blood pressure it retains salt and water. Therefore the sodium, potassium balance should be maintained. But there is nothing to worry about. Every disorder can be checked and brought under control. Like Creatinine testing is done to check the renal dysfunction. Electrocardiogram is done to check the changes in cardiac cycle. Now we know what exactly hypertension is. We should not be afraid of it. Taking appropriate steps and diet regime we can definitely kick hypertension away from our lives. We always start our day praying god to keep us healthy and away from all ailments. And why not? This is the only life which we have to live to the fullest. But life is not an easy path to walk on. Sometimes we have to face agony of life. Everybody starting from children to old age population is fond of eating. How many of us can control over eating habits? Hardly any. We like French fries, pizzas, canned food but guess the content of sodium! Our daily requirement of sodium is 1500mg, less than a teaspoon. But two slices of pizza exceed our daily requirement. What happens next? Sodium imbalance, kidney failure, water retention, weight gain, edema, loss of potassium which all are reasons for hypertension. We can overcome all of these especially by changing our lifestyle. Hypertension can be controlled by DASH (Dietary approaches to stop hypertension) plan and regular regime of workout and control over diet. Eating food containing high potassium like nuts, legumes and lowering sodium intake by avoiding especially canned or preserved food items. Whenever we are happy we celebrate with a Champagne, which is a must. Social drinking doesn't impact on our body much. But addiction of alcohol drinking which goes hand in hand with smoking too, does impact. Not much is known about direct relationship between alcohol addiction and hypertension. But studies show that after alcohol consumption it sets on sympathetic activity and vasoconstriction related hormones are released and thus becomes a cause of hypertension. Alcohol consumption coupled with other disorders like obesity could synergistically affect blood pressure.