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Derma Correct

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-13)

When you try to cut off a mole or shave it with a razor, Derma Correct Review you put yourself at serious risk of not only scarring but also of nasty infections. If you feel that the mole needs to be taken off in this way then you should seek the advice of a medical professional. However if you would like to try to remove the mole yourself, there are some natural treatments that you can use at home. Try the following advice for natural mole removal; Scrape out the innards of a grapefruit and then use the pulp on your moles. Do this two or three times every day and the dark marks on your skin will have faded within a few weeks.Alternatively, crush some flaxseeds and mix the resultant powder with the oil of the flaxseed to make a paste-like concoction. Apply this regularly and within weeks your mole will be gone.Dried, crushed and powdered pomegranate peel mixed with lemon juice is also a good solution. Spread this poultice over the mole every day and your moles will visibly diminish and disappear.You can also try fresh pineapple juice by squeezing the fruit and putting it onto your mole. If you use this natural remedy every day your dark spots will fall off after around 3 weeks.