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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-13)

Firstly, the nonprescription iGenics Review colored contacts that are disposable are very healthy for the eyes in comparison to the traditional contact lens. The reason for this is that they can be replaced constantly without having to wear the same ones for one whole year. Besides, the process of protein accumulation on these lenses is totally removed as the lenses are thrown away before too long. Another advantage of using the disposable lens is because people can order more than one particular color of lens pairs so that they can constantly keep switching the colors without having to have the constant old, boring look day after day. For most of us, contact lenses in retail store do not mean a small amount of money especially under this harsh economic crisis period. And just like other shopping, we want to buy the item with good quality but at reasonable price. The reason is not we don't want to spend money, but we want to pay right price for the right thing. So when we have to change another pair of contact lens with higher prescription, or when we tired of the old styles and want to have a change for a stylish one, we can try to find some discount contact lenses.Though we want to purchase discount contact lenses, this does not mean we want to compromise on their quality, right? As we know, the contact lenses in retail store are very expensive, especially for some new and fashion ones. The causes for higher price are as following: First, more profits will be included for the lenses from manufacturers to distributions, and then to retailers. Usually, retailers get these lenses from distributions (there are large and small distributions, and small distributions get lenses from large distributions, and then sell to retailers), and distributions get the lenses from manufacturers. So we can think no doubt there are margins in every step, and finally the price to customer will be higher. Second, customers have to be responsible for the managering cost of retailer stores. Retailer stores are often located in the center of the downtown or street, and the rents are inevitably high. And they have to employ some workers to work for them, so the personnel wages and managering costs will come out.