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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-12)

Different from traditional iGenics Review reading eyeglasses, adjustable focus eye wear are manufactured in much more advanced designs and techniques- the focus will change automatically by changing the liquid in the lenses- they may be powered by pressure or electricity. Therefore, wearers are not needed to look at different parts of these glasses, but move their eyes natural when they want to see objects at any distance. When their eyes focus on something, the lenses will react instantly, so as to meet then current vision needs. In other words, the lenses will change as the eyes, not eyes change with the lenses like traditional ones. Therefore, wearers will feel no discomfort, though they change their vision quickly. Though adjustable focus eyeglasses are not very similar to regular eye wear, they can provide wearers with the greatest vision clarity. The lenses are made from highly transparent liquid and are control by special devices. Therefore, no matter where wearers look at, great optical clarity can be ensured. This is why many people tend to buy these special glasses. Moreover, it is said that adjustable focus eye wear are revolutionary results in the field, which can free people from traditional reading eyeglasses. It is true in functionality. Still, they can now be manufactured at low cost and afforded by wearers from all walks of life. This makes it possible that all sufferers of prebyopia and some other related vision errors can benefit greatly as a result. When asked what bothers them most, almost all eyeglass wearers will list a lot of items, like maintenance, scratch, deformation, etc. Of these listed troubles, eyeglass' vulnerability to impact and shatter is proved to be the greatest one. In other words, what most eyeglass users worry most while wearing is the durability of these eye wear, for they can not tell when their eyeglasses will be broken or crashed due to their carelessness. Therefore, some durable glasses are necessary for them. Generally speaking, most eye wear in the market are not designed in durable materials, which are used to be very expensive and can not be afforded by the massive people in the not-distant-past. However, durable eye wear can now be afforded by common wearers as technology and techniques in the field advances greatly. This is why so many wearers tend to protect their eyes with eyeglasses with great durability.