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Abs After Forty

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-07)

Keep your abs and lower back Abs After Forty Review tight and make sure you keep an arch in your lower back here. Lean forward and reach down and grasp the two dumbells. Bring your torso back to vertical, picking up the dumbells off the ground. This is the bottom position of the exercise. Now, push yourself up with your left thigh. Don't stand up to vertical...just straighten that front leg, keeping your front foot planted firmly on the ground. It's important to keep your upper body vertical as you do this exercise. DO NOT allow your body to lean forward as you do the exercise. Imagine it as a straight up and down movement and that you're sitting back as you do it. This visualization will help keep you from leaning forward. Be sure you don't utilize a forward and back, lunging type of movement, as may be the tendency if you're used to doing regular lunges. This is very much an up and down type of movement. Perform your target number of reps with your left leg forward. Push yourself hard! If you have to bail out on the exercise, all you need to do is set the dumbells on the ground at the bottom. At this point, you can either take a rest period or immediately switch to the other leg in front - I prefer to go right to the other leg in front with no break. Do as many reps as you can with the other leg now. Note that you most likely will not get as many reps with the other matter which leg is in front, the rear leg is also doing a lot of work. So if you start with the left leg in front, the right leg is still doing work. When you switch legs, the right leg will already be tired from the previous set. Because of this, it's important to always switch which leg you start with on successive sets. Start with your left foot forward on your first set, then on your next set, start with your right foot forward. This will ensure a balanced workload. This exercise allows you to basically "leave it on the floor." Because you can just set the dumbells on the floor, you can push your legs to the point where they can hardly keep you standing. That's my idea of a good leg workout! I am going to share with you one of the best tricep workouts that should be included to your training, this exercise is not a hidden secret, but is one of the most effective when looking for the best way to build triceps to the standard you want.