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by Jerome Princy (2019-10-24)

It was a struggle at first, and Individualogist Review sometimes I forgot to do it. But after a while it became a new habit and now I do it without even thinking about it. The thing is, after a while it is EASIER to do the new habit. You may think that folding and putting away clothes is a pretty insignificant habit to change. Although it seems a simple thing, this good habit has a BIG impact on my life. When my bedroom is tidy, my energy is compact. Spiritually, how compact and tidy your environment in your home is, relates to how compact your personal energy is. Do you feel scattered and disorganized when your house is a mess? I sure do. So, by establishing this simple new habit of keeping my clothes tidy and organized, the way I feel has improved dramatically. A messy bedroom creates pressure, and when I am in my bedroom now I feel light and free! It's where I do my meditation with my guides, so I want it to be an attractive environment that helps me feel good. The point I am trying to make here is that by changing small habits in the way you go about your day, you can create BIG results. The way you feel, your relationships, your income and success will be improved dramatically by making small changes to your daily habits. I stayed in my friend's bedroom a few weeks back while she was away on holiday. Her room was a mess and it felt incongruent to me because it didn't reach my personal standards. I felt compelled to start cleaning it up, so I did! But as soon as my friend got home it was messy again within a couple of hours. I'm not sharing this with you to criticize her. Just using it as an example to demonstrate how much our subconscious habits affect us. My friend's habit is to drop her stuff all over the floor. She hasn't taken the time to change that habit so even though I had raised the standard of that room to my state of consciousness, her state of consciousness didn't allow her to keep it that way. If she decided to change, she would have to retrain herself to do things differently, which takes considerable effort. We all hear of people who attract the same bad relationships, or difficult work environments and wonder, why does that keep happening to them? Perhaps you feel that way yourself in some areas of your life. Start looking at your habits. If relationships are your challenge, perhaps you have a habit of keeping in your feelings instead of sharing them with your partner. Maybe you have a habit of not listening to what your partner is saying to you. At work, do you have a habit of gossiping about co-workers instead of being productive with your tasks? Do you have a habit of being late to meetings and keeping people waiting?